5 Ways to Attract Gen Z Tech Talent to Your Workforce

Gen Z tech professionals are critical to building the future talent pipeline

While the tech industry begins to bounce back and tech hiring is showing bright spots, businesses still face the perennial challenge of talent shortages and skills gaps for tech roles. Especially now with a strong demand for skills for emerging technologies, like AI and Machine Learning, getting the right mix of tech professionals to integrate and produce programs that will grow business bottom-lines is crucial.

Innovation coupled with the inevitable retirement of seasoned professionals on the horizon, it is important to retain as much legacy knowledge and management acumen as possible to be able to successfully grow the careers of successors. That is why businesses need a crash course in how to attract Gen Z tech talent into their organizations as well as how to effectively manage new workers and build them up for leadership positions they are poised to fill. First, it’s important to know why a Gen Z tech professional would want to work for your organization.


What attracts Gen Z tech talent to accept new positions?

  1. Exceeding tech expectations in the workplace

All research points to Gen Z workers as being the most tech-savvy, value-aligned and flexible workforce generation. Tech-savvy is a given—this generation knows no other time without Internet access and mobile devices. But aside from what they already know about technology, they also expect employers to offer the right tech tools to help them be successful at their jobs.

In fact, in a recent report published by Riverbed, nearly 70% of surveyed IT leaders believe they will lose Gen Z tech talent if tech stacks don’t meet expectations in their company. Even beyond tech expectations of Gen Z and Millennial employees, leaders agree that a digital seamless experience is optimal for the entire workforce.

What does this mean? It means that seamless, secure access to all tools is imperative and must be easily available from off-site locations as well. Tech tools that increase collaboration, feedback and productivity are a must, but it must be the right balance between being overwhelming and useful. And you can’t have lag time – opt for the speediest service possible when it comes to access in the online world.

  1. Training and learning opportunities for growth

Tying into their high expectations of tech, the training that is made available to Gen Z workers should take advantage of the newest technologies as well. Video, virtual reality and interactive, voice operated programs are ideal to capture and hold attention. This workforce generation is often on the cutting-edge of what’s new and appreciate an organization that will help add to their knowledge base. Plus, this group’s affinity towards understanding technology quickly is a huge benefit to hiring companies to stay ahead in innovation and implement the latest technologies both internally and for their customers with the help of the next generation.

  1. A company culture that aligns with their values

Gen Z is a generation that places a great deal of emphasis on what an organization stands for and during the recruiting process will measure the brand’s attention to their values accordingly. Hiring organizations must be true to their employer branding and it much be something recognizable and practiced throughout, else Gen Z tech talent may move on to other employer choices.

  1. Flexibility (or lack of flexibility) can be a deal-maker or breaker

According to the World Economic Forum, “73% of Gen Z workers want permanent flexible working options.” This doesn’t necessarily mean never stepping foot into the office. In fact, since many Gen Z workers crave business relationships and networking they welcome in-person meetings and events.

However, as Gen Z workers evaluate job offers, organizations that offer a level of flexibility in schedule and location that allows employees the ability to manage a balanced work-life lifestyle will be more attractive.

  1. Meaningful benefits packages

The pandemic was a life-altering event for individuals across the globe and it served as a reminder to everyone as to where their most important life priorities rank, both personally and professionally. Healthcare again became a top priority, and research shows that employees continually place high value on the benefits packages they will receive in the days ahead.

In addition to general healthcare perks, Gen Z is also tuned into prioritizing mental health as well. When companies consider mental health, wellness programs, time off and balanced work-days, their appeal as a work destination for Gen Z workers grows.

As the next generation workforce is set to expand as the largest by 2030, companies that have a definitive strategy for attracting (and retaining) Gen Z tech talent will rise above the competition and fare well in the never-ending talent competition. Building on their innate tech skills is a catalyst to closing the skills gap. By putting in place ample training opportunities and mentorship programs led by senior technicians, hiring managers will be able to build a viable, sustainable workforce that grows and adapts with tech industry evolutions.

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