Want to continue working from home? Here’s how you can impress potential employers

Whether you’re a remote work veteran or COVID-19 has forced you to quickly become one, working remotely has become the “new normal” for many of us. In fact, you may have enjoyed your time working remotely so much that you want to continue working from home, well after we’ve gotten through this challenging time. 
The good news? More employers than ever are open to permanently-remote work situations. That being said, many employers still need some convincing. If you’re looking for new job opportunities and want to continue working remotely. Keep these three tips in mind for your next interview:

1. Upgrade your dedicated work space.

While your colleagues and bosses may have been forgiving of coffee table Zoom calls or even calls from bed, expectations are much different when you are considering a permanent move to virtual work. From a desk to lighting, video and sound, a professional-looking background and more, maximize your budget and put together as impressive a home office as possible. Knowing that your work-from-home space is as conducive to work as a true offsite office can help allay any fears prospective employers may have. 
During video interviews, showcase as much of your awesome virtual workspace as possible. Get out in front of concerns by putting your home office on display when you can. Don’t be afraid to seek opportunities to talk about how you’ve upgraded your space as well. This is your time to shine!

2. Bring your ‘A’ game.

Everyone needed some grace and forgiveness in the early days of the pandemic. Kids cry, dogs bark, and sometimes you needed an extra 5 minutes before hopping on that Zoom call. 
While there is always room for grace in business, most employers are going to expect you to be on time and prepared for every call now. Emergencies happen, but if you’re looking for permanent remote work, it’s critical that you can demonstrate the everyday distractions and issues that cropped up during a temporary remote shift are also temporary.
Be prepared to talk to proactively talk to prospective employers about how you identified and eliminated (or drastically reduced) those issues. Don’t wait for an employer to ask you — be proud to show how you have crafted the processes and procedures you need to be successful while working remotely.

3. Be confident.

This one sounds a bit wishy washy, but it really matters. If you seem nervous or otherwise portray a permanent remote situation as a “favor” or something that has to be “earned,” you’re more likely to put prospective employers on the defensive. They may start considering reasons why they shouldn’t consider permanent remote work, rather than why they should
Your confidence here is essential. If you’ve already committed yourself to creating a dedicated workspace and you’ve refined your work-from-home processes to the point where you KNOW you are a walking productivity machine, you should be radiating confidence during the interview. You’ve done everything you can to make yourself successful while working from home. In fact, you’re possibly even more productive than when you were in a traditional office (if you have tracked your output while working remotely, do not be afraid to speak to those numbers during an interview). 
It’s important to not view remote work as a possible hangup or hindrance to you landing a job. Rather, your accomplishments during a challenging time (I mean it’s a pandemic, for Pete’s sake) are something that help you stand out as an excellent choice for any organization. Feel confident in your abilities and your contributions, whether you’re working from home or from a physical office. 

Looking for remote jobs with amazing companies? We’ve got them!

Here at Matlen Silver, we partner with some of the nation’s most successful and trusted businesses. Our clients have continued to hire many talented professionals like you throughout the pandemic, and we can help you find the right remote opportunity to help you reach your career goals. 
To search for and apply to our current IT job openings, or to contact a recruiter, visit our website. We’re here to help!

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