Five Reasons You Should Work with a Recruiter

A Recruiter Can Be Your Most Valuable Asset in Your Job Search

Not sure whether or not you should work with a recruiter for that next move in your career? Here are five compelling reasons why a recruiter can become the best resource for you as you search for a new job.

  1. Access to More Opportunities: Let’s face it, finding jobs for people is what recruiters get paid to do and the beauty of working with a recruiter in your job search is that you aren’t the person that will be paying them for this service. Since this is what a recruiter does day in and day out, why not leverage their extensive and specialized network to help find the right fit for you? Recruiters know what opportunities are available in the market and can provide valuable information about job possibilities that you won’t find by searching on the Internet.
  2. Interview and Resume Expertise: The recruiter has inside information on the client’s interview style and what they are looking for. They know with reasonable certainty how the client will determine whether you’re the right fit and it’s their job to pass that along to you in the form of prep sessions, to ensure you hit a home run. As a result, candidates that work with recruiters have the advantage over other applicants of having a professional review their resume and coach them on their interviewing skills in order to help them present themselves in the best possible light for a specific role.
  3. Understanding of the Market: When the time comes to negotiate a candidate’s salary, the recruiter often knows better than either the client or the candidate what the market is for specific skill sets. They are comfortable jousting with clients to negotiate salaries and are also a valuable resource in helping candidates understand what range they should be considering. Because recruiters are incentivized to drive your salary as high as the client is willing to pay (they get paid a percentage based on that salary), you can be certain that not only do they want for you to get hired but that they want for you to get hired at the best rate possible. Some candidates are unsure of their value and uncomfortable negotiating rates. Advantage, recruiter.
  4. Ability to Advocate on Your Behalf: Many people aren’t comfortable promoting themselves or negotiating their salaries. Recruiters are very comfortable reaching out to the client for feedback and to discuss their candidate’s attributes in order to keep them at the forefront of the decisions maker’s mind. They are also not afraid to ensure that their candidate is offered the best possible salary and they are ready to drive the negotiation and close the deal. You really can’t ask for a better advocate than that.
  5. Can Help Remarket You: The best scenario is when a candidate develops a strong relationship with their recruiter as they progress in their career. A recruiter really can become a partner in your career path as they will be able to contact you immediately when the perfect role becomes available. Having a recruiter in your corner helps eliminate downtime between roles and better yet, could result in identifying the dream job that can lead to a long-term position. Who better to entrust with advancement in your career than the person that has been guiding you along the way?

In short, your recruiter has five major advantages over you and they are ready to use them to give you the advantage. They WANT to get you the job. They know the market, the client, and have an understanding of how to help you compete for your dream job. Staying close to your recruiter is often the best path to growing your career so that you can continue doing what you enjoy and never have a moment of downtime.
You can connect with a Matlen Silver recruiter at [email protected] if you are ready to make a change in your career.

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