How to find a job while “sheltering at home” and maintaining “social distance”

Perhaps your assignment was set to end soon or maybe you just began your job search. Wherever you are in your journey, it is absolutely possible to find a job right now. Although our economy is going through some uncertain times right now, MANY industries and businesses are hiring, especially in IT and engineering. 
Here at Matlen Silver, we are working every day to continuously match our network of talent to great opportunities across the country. But in the age of “sheltering at home” and “social distancing,” it might seem like finding a job will be extra challenging.
Here’s some advice from our team to help you land a great job right now:

Stay in contact. 

Recruiters are very busy right now. Our team is working hard every day to find great talent for our client openings. Across the board, recruiters everywhere are adjusting to their new remote setups while also trying to keep their recruiting function moving smoothly. 
That means it’s important for YOU to keep in touch. If you work with a recruiting firm, send a text or an email to your recruiter to let him or her know that you’re actively looking for and are interested in new opportunities. That one step alone can go a long way. 

Arrange a designated space for interviews.

It can be challenging to get “in the zone” for job interviews when you’re working from home. Create a  visually appealing, designated area for video job interviews that isn’t distracting and offers plenty of space for your laptop/computer, resume and any other materials you’ll need. Treat it as your “office,” so that you feel more comfortable and professional.

Be flexible.

It’s a challenging time for everyone. While you should always work with recruiters who respect your time, you may need to be a bit flexible as everyone adjusts to our “new normal.” That may mean giving some leeway where you may not have previously. That being said, your recruiter should always be polite and respectful, and apologize for any errors or issues. You should never excuse poor treatment but understand that everyone is doing the best they can. 

Don’t forget your network.

As I mentioned above, there are many industries and businesses right now that are looking for talent. If you’re active on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that the platform is absolutely BUSTLING right now. Take advantage of LinkedIn becoming the new “networking event” to keep in contact (or to rekindle contact) with your extended network. Reach out to former colleagues and other professional connections to let them know that you’re looking for work.

Choose the right partner.

Staffing firms (like us!) continue to work hard matching professionals like you with exciting opportunities across the country. Our clients are hiring, and we can help you find a great job, while also staying safe at home. 

We can help you find a great job. 

There’s so much uncertainty right now, it’s reassuring to know that someone is working on your side. The entire team at Matlen Silver is here to help you! Search our open jobs or to contact a recruiter to take the first step. 

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