How to navigate recruiting right now with an influx of tech talent

With tens of millions of Americans looking for work right now, chances are your inboxes are stuffed, your recruiters are maxed out and your phone is ringing off the hook. 
It certainly is a reversal of fortunes, isn’t it? 
But while it may seem at first glance that more resumes is a good thing, it can actually be a massive stressor, productivity and cost vacuum. Facing hundreds or even thousands of resumes for every IT opening can be completely overwhelming, to say the least. 

Take these steps to attract fewer, better IT consultants

When it comes to IT recruiting, the answer isn’t necessarily more talent. In fact, the answer really is better talent. Or rephrased, the right talent. 
To save your recruiters time and stress, here are three of our favorite tips for quickly and efficiently dealing with an influx of tech talent right now:

1. Write better job postings

This is a BIG one. If your job postings aren’t clearly stating what you’re looking for in talent, you’re far more likely to have more unqualified (or underqualified) candidates apply. And while your recruiters are sorting through hundreds to thousands of unqualified candidates, the “diamonds in the rough” are growing weary and heading to your competition. 
And while we are technically in an employer’s market when it comes to volume of talent, it’s important to note that competition for top IT talent will always be fierce. 
Your job postings should be clear and concise, and should be written, well, like a marketing piece! Well-written job postings should attract the right candidate to not only the job, but your company. Here are some of our favorite tips for better job postings:
> Don’t list out daily tasks. Instead, highlight the critical skills that are necessary to thrive.
> Talk about why your business is a great place to work. Don’t just list off expected benefits like insurance, 401k, etc. 
> Keep them as brief as possible. No one wants to read a job posting with 20 bullet points. In fact, we can probably guarantee no one will read them all. This dramatically increases the likelihood of someone applying for something they’re not qualified for — only list what’s essential and most important!

2. Empower your recruiters to engage

Talent expects a better, more personalized experience than ever before, whether the job market is robust or tight. Treat candidates well, and they’ll remember it — and you’re much more likely to land the most qualified consultants for your job openings. 
But as we mentioned earlier, recruiters are maxed out right now. They’re scrambling to fill roles, write job postings, read resumes and conduct interviews. Do they really have time to text or email individual candidates with updates, feedback or decisions? 
In today’s marketplace, that’s exactly what candidates expect. Don’t deliver, and you risk hurting your employer brand, which will impact your recruiting efforts well past the current pandemic. 

3. Partner with a staffing firm

The right IT staffing firm can literally make all the difference when it comes to dealing with an influx of talent. They write stellar job postings, know where to find the best tech talent, and they have a vast pool of talent already in their network to cull from. They are experts at vetting talent and identifying who will fit not only the technical requirements of your jobs, but the soft skills and personality fit needed to thrive in your unique environment. 
They leverage the right technologies to keep candidates engaged and informed, representing their own brand but especially your employer brand well throughout the process. 
Eventually, they present you only with the precise candidates needed to thrive in your organization. Less time, less stress, better, faster results. 
And we’re happy to add, here at Matlen Silver, that’s exactly what we do! 
Here at Matlen Silver, we eliminate the stressful, time-consuming elements of tech recruiting. We have an exceptional, vast network of talent across the country that is not only incredibly talented, they are excited to work with us and FOR you. There truly is a “Matlen Difference,” and we invite you to see that difference for yourself. Contact us to talk about your tech staffing needs, and learn more about why we’ve been continuing to grow for over 40 years. 

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