Time Management Tips for Recruiters: Focus on Work and Your Well-being

Recruiters are masters at managing a heavy workload amid seeking talent in a competitive field like technology. And they know the trick to recruiting the best talent out there is serious time management skills, both on the job and off.

According to Forbes, “Implementing time management techniques can help you catch your breath and make challenging days seem less impossible to deal with.” Managing your time comes in various forms, whether it is learning to balance your personal and professional life or just trying your best to complete all your tasks at work. When it comes to achieving optimal productivity, there are helpful tools in place to assist you.

Automated Text Messages for Time Management

In this world of technology, make sure to use every tool you can to your advantage. Even some you might not be aware of until now! If you haven’t set up automated text backs as a recruiter, your job is about to become a lot easier. Text message automation is when a message is sent without the need for manual effort. When someone contacts you with a standard question, you can set up tailored responses that include the basic information they would need as a start.

This approach can also be used when you are persistently contacting a potential candidate. Manage your work day by scheduling text messages at specific time and day intervals. Texts can include information such as appointment availability, event reminders, and anything you can think of to make that connection.

Time blocking

Time blocking is a productivity technique where you split up your day into specific blocks of time. Each time block or box is set out to accomplish a task during that period. The key to this technique is to prioritize your tasks in advance in order to assess what gets done earlier in the day vs. what can be put on hold for tomorrow. This offers an advantage that a to-do list doesn’t: a concrete schedule. Time blocking doesn’t leave room for getting off task or struggling to figure out what to do next.

Benefits of Time Blocking include:

Distraction-free zone

While we all try our best to stay focused, it is almost impossible to do so in a society that is absorbed by algorithmic feeds and infinite scroll. In addition to planning out a precise schedule, utilizing systems that eliminate distractions on the internet creates room for efficiency. There are many options to choose from, including distraction blocking software that restricts users from opening their choice of apps (like adorable videos of pet deer living with pet dogs when you are trying to focus on work!)

According to Zapier, these are some of the best apps that block internet interference. Each one caters to a different need, so take your pick!

  • Freedom prevents someone from getting distracted from any of their devices by disabling apps all at once.
  • Serene users can choose what time of day they do not want to have accessibility to specific apps they find hinders their work.
  • LeechBlock NG is free software that blocks websites.

Besides the evident benefits of time management for recruiters at work, the most important tools and skills allow you to take care of yourself. Working in the staffing industry is fast-paced, competitive and requires high energy. To avoid burn out, use that extra time you have in your time box for your mental health and well-being.

It’s time for YOU

Practicing healthy habits both physically and mentally allows you to make better life/work decisions, work better under stress, and feel more content. While this sounds great, it is easier said than done. Remembering some of the simple mantras is a start to keep you at the best in the game.

Practice gratitude

Be thankful for not only what you have but what you have been able to accomplish. Whether it was leading a project at work, finding the perfect candidate, or making a new connection with a future prospect. Celebrating what you can do and being grateful for the present are equally important as what you strive to accomplish in the future.

Tip: Just in case you forget, which we all tend to do, find appreciation in daily affirmations through motivational messages that can appear on your phone lock screen just by downloading an inspirational quotes app.


Most types of recruiters execute similar tasks and roles, but each one has a different definition of what relaxing means to them. For some people, it might be getting more shut-eye and for others, it could be painting or reading. Whatever it might be, implementing the things you enjoy in life that bring you calm and peace should be scheduled into your day.

Here are a few ways to do so:

Stay Connected

One of the most exciting parts of being a recruiter is connecting people to the position they are best suited for. Yet, this ultimate goal is not without its challenges and pressures. Remember, to keep up with your own connections as well. Take some time to catch up with a friend, attend a conference, or join a forum with people of shared interests.


Prioritizing time management and your mental health will allow you to find hidden talent, recruit the best candidate and place the most positions while simultaneously enjoying what you do every day. At Matlen Silver, we believe in BEING THE DIFFERENCE which is so possible once you make a difference for yourself.


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