We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary! ?

It’s not every day you get to celebrate 40 of anything. And on September 16th, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary here at Matlen Silver.
Forty years is a long time, we know. And in the staffing and recruiting industry, 40 years is an especially big deal. We’re not going to shy away from it. We are PROUD. We have weathered a lot over the years, including the COVID-19 pandemic.
Yet, we continue to not only survive, but thrive. And we are so grateful to our amazing internal team, our family of consultants, and our incredible clients for helping us continue to grow.
While we are constantly looking forward, it’s nice to pause and reflect once in a while. Our founders offered these insights into some of their favorite Matlen Memories from the last 40 years.
Even before the “Matlen Silver” we know today was created, I vividly remember walking the streets of NYC to sell potential clients on the software I had created. This small project evolved into The Matlen Silver Group, Inc. back in September 1980!
It sounds clichéd, but the relationships I’ve formed, both internally and externally, over the last 40 years have truly made this journey a joy. It truly is all about the people! – Jimmy DeSilver, Co-Founder, CEO & President
One of my earliest memories, going back 40 years, is of the day that Jimmy and I met Phil Colligan 40 years ago.
We had just formed Matlen Silver, and we responded to an ad for a CICS Systems Programmer that Phil had placed in a New York newspaper (that’s the way recruiting was done back then) for a consulting assignment at one of his clients.
As a result of our meeting, we agreed to help each other grow the business opportunities for each of our companies. We did and, here we are, 40 years later, still working together! Michael Chirichella, Co-Founder

What has contributed most to 40 years of Matlen Silver? 

Following input from various members of our team who have been here up to 20 years or more, here is some inside perspective on what has made the past 40 years so special.
Internal Employees
Our “secret” to strong culture isn’t really a secret. It’s all about hiring and retaining good people. If someone’s not a fit, then you move on. And you focus on bringing in the people who match our collective ideals for work ethic, morals and professionalism.
Although everyone talks about “people” as a differentiator, our team stands by it — people truly are a major part of the Matlen Difference.
Here at Matlen, it’s important from top to bottom that everyone, internal employees, clients and especially consultants, is treated with respect. For our consultants, it means everyone gets a good-quality employer, and that everyone has the same experience — a GOOD one!
We view our consultants as family, and we are extremely proud to treat them that way as well. Regardless of skill set, experience level, or anything else, you are important to us!
In fact, a consultant who worked with us for over 30 (!) years just retired back in 2016. We are humbled that he chose to stay a part of our family for three decades.
Our clients/hiring managers are human beings as well, and we wouldn’t send anyone over to them that we wouldn’t want working for us here at Matlen. We treat our clients how we’d want to be treated – it’s a simple recipe, but one that’s important. We respect our clients, and we always give them the “white glove” treatment as well.
It’s about the fundamentals, really. Work hard. Treat people well. At every stage and step of the process.
And it’s worked! In fact, our  biggest client actually started with us 40 years ago – they’re still here to this day. 

Here’s to the next 40 years!

Thank you to every member of our Matlen Silver family. These last 40 years are a testament to every employee, consultant and client who’s worked with us over the years. We have worked hard for you, and we promise to continue that hard work for the next 40 years and beyond!

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