What is a technology solutions provider?

Seems like a straightforward question, with a straightforward answer, right? The vast majority of people use technology on a personal and professional level, whether through products and tools, or services and platforms, that help us perform daily functions. Our email systems, social media, cell phones, tablets, laptops, and more are necessities in how we manage our businesses and careers, and there are providers that offer or sell these products and services with whom we interface every day.

But a technology solutions provider covers a much broader scope. This is a provider, yes, that deals in technology products and services, but they manage what is being used and delivered on a much larger scale. In fact, a reputable and established technology solutions provider (TSP) will often influence and manage core business operations of an organization, growing and adapting with that organization over time.

Your Technology Solutions Provider is a single source for all moving parts

A technology solutions provider (TSP) will endeavor to help a company transform how they conduct business, whether internally or externally, in a capacity that overlaps departments, operational procedures, and personnel. The TSP will help an organization generate a road map, often to address a complex business challenge, and will put the resources in place to help solve the issue and plan for the long haul. Resources are not limited to a specific discipline or a tangible product; a TSP will provide a multi-faceted collection of services, products, human capital, and technical knowledge to deliver an end-to-end solution designed for a successful outcome.

They are a single source for securing these resources; they eliminate the need for shopping for multiple vendors to provide the moving parts to one solution (or even multiple solutions that work cohesively.) Using a TSP simplifies the point of contact and streamlines planning, project management, execution, and maintenance of a solution.

Technology Solutions Providers offer cost management and operational efficiency

Because of the ability to secure resources from multiple sources as managed by the TSP, companies can also benefit from economies of scale that come with such an arrangement. Contracts, vendor agreements, cost structures, and staffing resources are managed by the technology solutions provider; they often have access to the most sought-after, proven vendors, with the ability to negotiate price because of the relationships and increased business opportunities they bring. Having a centralized team for oversight helps with managing compliance as well, as opposed to siloed teams working independently to solve certain portions of a business need. The technology solutions provider inherently makes everything, and everyone, work together and work together well.

Technology Solutions Providers draw from a larger talent pool

A technology solutions provider will have experts in multiple disciplines in order to properly serve their clients because they don’t just focus on one tech element. They will be aware and fluent in varying technology niches to be able to provide clients with the most up-to-date options. Suppose Artificial Intelligence is high on most organizations’ radar in terms of their digital transformations. In that case, a full-service technology solutions provider will be adept in AI, but can also pivot to provide strategic solutions for machine learning, deep learning, system integrations, and more. They have the technical experts at their disposal to look at all scenarios and the ability to bridge gaps because of their knowledge and industry network.

A full-service technology solutions provider that also accesses a robust talent management division offers another layer of convenience, collaboration, and efficiency. Not only can they help plan, map out and execute a deliverable, but they will also be able to provide the top talent necessary to implement, maintain and grow the solution. A TSP with a foundation in IT talent acquisition offers a unique differentiating factor to an entire project.

Knowing how to select the right Technology Solutions Provider

There is an abundance of providers in the technology sector that offer services for a given need. In many instances, however, those services will address one or two factors that are only part of a larger complex business technology solution. To solve a business technology challenge, an organization needs to partner with a provider that offers a holistic approach and can execute accordingly. Working with a team of experts with a collective of experience and resources will provide the best possible foundation for an immediate technology overhaul and will have the foresight to plan for the future as well.

With Matlen Solutions, we offer over 50 years of technical and business acumen in data engineering, system integration, AI and machine-learning driven capabilities, and more, along with access to the top tech talent in the industry to support the successful digital transformations our clients desire. Download our case studies to understand the types of challenges our clients faced, the processes and solutions that Matlen Silver delivered, and the positive net results of those deliverables.

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