Why you need to seriously consider hiring recent grads

We’re closing in on graduation soon, which means an influx of recent grads ready, willing and able to fill your job openings. 
Some companies avoid new graduates for their hires. Perhaps they prefer a certain number of years experience or simply prefer someone who has a “typical” work history. There are any number of reasons why.
But, I’m here to suggest that you take another look (or perhaps just take A look) at this year’s crop of graduates. 
Certainly, not every graduate is going to be a fit for every role. If; however, you open up the possibilities of a new grad in certain situations or for certain roles, you could not only remove stress but increase productivity — isn’t it better to have a highly qualified professional doing the work than it is to wait for months for the “perfect” candidate to come along, be interested in your position, be willing to interview and THEN be willing to accept your offer? 
It’s a lot to ask, especially in this crowded labor market. 
Instead, here are some reasons to consider this year’s crop of new graduates:

Recent grads often have significant, real-world experience.

While the common assumption is that recent graduates have zero real-world experience, today’s talent (particularly in tech fields) often has some significant, hands-on experience. And while traditional internships are still common, many employers have stepped up their internship game, paying students to contribute to real projects and put to work what they’ve learned in school (the days of interns getting coffee and making copies are LONG gone).
Many students even have actual work or volunteer experience in their chosen fields beyond internships. There are plenty of nonprofits and other companies willing to hire college graduates for part-time, hands-on work. Students are scooping up these opportunities, seeing them for their incredible, resume building boost!
So, when you put “1 to 2 years of experience” in that job posting, don’t automatically assume that a recent grad doesn’t have it (or more!).

They are beyond excited to work for you.

There’s something to be said for the vigor of youth. This benefit isn’t necessarily measurable but it can absolutely have a huge impact on your business. Today’s graduates are eager, excited, and ready. They want to come work for you!
They’ve done their research, so they know your organization, the role, and your expectations. Recent grads are probably more prepared than ANYONE when they step into a new job. And they are so excited and grateful for the opportunity, they are likely going to be your next productivity superstars.
And guess what — that positivity and enthusiasm are infectious! Don’t be surprised if you see other employees walk (and work) with a little more pep in their step, as the positivity and enthusiasm of their new colleagues rubs off on them. 

Recent grads haven’t developed many bad habits.

Over the years, it’s natural for many of us to develop some “bad” habits at work. This could be related to our productivity, our skill sets and other areas of our work. While changing these habits can be done, it is most definitely harder for some professionals than others.
But, recent graduates haven’t had time to develop those bad habits yet. That means you can help shape desired habits in your employees, which will pay off now and down the line. 

New grads have sparkling, up-to-date skills.

Whether you’re looking for talent in tech, engineering or another field, recent graduates are up to date on the latest trends, technologies, and skills. The boost from these cutting-edge skills cannot be underestimated. And to the point mentioned above, when you bring in new talent with cutting-edge skills, it challenges the rest of your team to stay on top of their game as well. In this situation, everyone wins!

No matter what skills you’re looking for, we can help. 

Whether you need a recent graduate, a mid-career professional or someone for a senior-level role, we can tap into our extensive network of skilled, engaged talent to help your business reach its goals. We’ll do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business. To talk about your needs with a member of our team, contact us today.

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