Your skills are in demand! How a recruiter can help ?

You probably have a job right now. You might not LOVE it, but it’s okay. Benefits are okay, work is okay. 


Jumping ship can be scary. Starting over and being the “new person” is never fun. But here’s the thing — 

A LOT of amazing companies are looking for someone JUST LIKE YOU! And oftentimes, they’re willing to go the extra mile in order to add you to their team. 

Now’s the time to see what’s out there.

Even if you’re okay with “okay,” imagine how much happier you’d be during the 9 to 5 by bumping up that “okay” to “good,” or even “great.” Maybe that means a higher salary. More flexibility. More interesting projects. It can mean whatever you want or need it to mean!

But now that your mind is whirring and you’re ready to give it a go, what’s next?

Now, we might be a little biased, but we 100% recommend you work with a recruiter (okay, US — you should work with US ?).

With technology, jobs and applications at our fingertips, you might think that you can go it alone. Who needs a recruiter anymore?

Here’s why, well, YOU do:

Get the real scoop

We know our clients inside and out, so we’ll speak candidly with you to make sure you understand the culture, project details and anything else you need to know. 

It’s HARD to understand those things from job postings, and especially Glassdoor or Google reviews. We’re not doing our jobs if we’re suggesting you go for jobs that aren’t a fit. 

So we get to know you. We have conversations (on the phone, in emails, through texting — whatever makes your life easier) to really understand what will make you happy to go to work each day. 

And if a particular job won’t do that, we will let you know. We’ll also share insights and advice on those “classic job search” things, like —


Because even though your skills are in demand, your resume really does still matter. 


Certain companies and interviewers are looking for specific things. We’ll prepare you for those to help you put your best foot forward. 


Ever go to an interview, not get the job, but never hear why? We’ll always let you know what happened and what companies think after your interview. If you’re not a strong interviewer, we’ll help you improve. 

Keep everything on the down-low

LinkedIn, Indeed, wherever. Searching and applying for jobs really puts “you” out there. And since your employer is probably scouring those sites every day to try and find more people like you, that could lead to some major awkwardness if your current employer sees your resume online somewhere. 

We never, ever, ever blast your resume <<< be forewarned, though, this isn’t the case with every staffing & recruiting firm. We can only speak for ourselves, but that’s just not how we roll. 

We’ll protect you and make sure that the only companies that learn about your interest are A) Not your employer ? B) Super interested in you first and C) Companies that you’re super excited about too! 

Save you (a LOT) of time and hassle

We know you hate the entire process of searching for a job. And if you’re working right now, the extra headache may not seem worth it at all. It’s probably a big reason why you’re settling for an “okay” 9 to 5. 

Let’s walk through what it takes to even get an interview nowadays:

* Submit resume to a job that you think sound good

* You’re working, so play phone and email tag to get an interview set up

* Take time off for the interview, but only one person is available so you have to take MORE time off to go back

Okay, actually, it’s tiring even starting to lay out this process, right? There could be literally up to 5 or even 10 more steps, and you might get through most or all of them, only to discover they’re not as great as you think! But you know them because you’ve been through them before. It’s exhausting and stressful. Not cool. 

Our recruiters will give it to you straight. What do you like? What don’t you like? What will make you super happy to go to work? What should we cross off your list? 

We’ll submit your skills only to those roles and companies that fit your criteria. And when the companies are interested, we’ll talk to you about them in more detail to help you determine if you want to interview. We’ll walk you through IT ALL, we’ll keep in touch throughout the entire process so you’re always in the loop, and we’ll make you excited about opportunities. 

What’s going to make you happy to come to work? 

We’ll help you find it. You can search our jobs right now and apply, or you can shoot us a note to connect with a recruiter and talk more.

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