Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Matlen Silver, we support authenticity and a diverse perspective.

As Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives continue to move up the ladder on most corporate priority lists, at Matlen Silver, we strive to ensure that our team, and the talent teams we deliver for our clients, reflect the world around us. Our leadership team is comprised of professionals who bring a unique voice to Matlen Silver based on educational, cultural, and personal experiences, allowing us to look at our business through many lenses. It has been proven time and again that having a diverse and inclusive organization focused on equitable treatment of all team members is good for business. It’s good for the employees, it’s good for the customers, and it’s good for organizational growth.

Our job at Matlen Silver is to provide the tools for our clients to do good business. By delivering a robust talent pool with candidates that offer new perspectives based on their own lived experiences, we set our clients up for learning something new, thinking about what they do in a new way, and providing good business to their customers. To not do so, is doing a disservice to our customer and the talent waiting to connect.

Share your voice. Contact Matlen Silver today about new opportunities and how we can continue to move the needle together.

Our Valiant Workforce program is specifically designed for military members and their families.  If you are a member of the Veteran community and need employment assistances, contact Matlen Silver today. 

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