Referral Program

We are the hardest working crew in staffing and we don’t ever stop looking for ways to provide our consultants access to competitive job opportunities and new projects. We work and live for the customer first – our clients and consultants.

Since we consider our consultants to be true partners we know that they understand what it takes to be an IT rock star. Top talent recognizes other top talent!  We have created a great new referral program that rewards Matlen Silver consultants for helping us identify other top IT professionals to join the Matlen Silver team or great new opportunities to place our rock stars in.

How the Program Works

  1. Matlen Silver will pay $1 for every hour billed by a consultant that is referred to us and placed with one of our clients
  2. Matlen Silver will pay $1 for every hour billed on a job or project that is referred to us that we place (i.e.: if a 10-person project is referred to us by a consultant, and we place 6 of those spots, we pay the referring consultant $1/hour/job = $6 hour, for all hours worked)
  3. Referral incentives are paid once a month. To allow for all timesheet hours to be approved by the client, these payments will occur at month-end for the following
    month. (ie. April referral will be paid the end of May)
  4. Your referral(s) must be new and cannot have previously worked for Matlen Silver
  5. In order for the referral to be eligible for $250, they must be hired by Matlen Silver and work a minimum of 160 hours
  6. You are unable to receive referral bonuses if you are a full time employee and your referral gets hired at the same company you work at
  7. This program is strictly voluntary, and there is no obligation to participate or refer any candidate to the referral program

Join the Matlen Silver Referral Program

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