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STEM jobs represented by circuit board for computing, electrical engineering, etc.

STEM Jobs and their Impact on the Future of Work

While “STEM” has never officially been crowned “word of the year”, given its prevalence as we discuss STEM jobs, STEM …

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recruit top tech talent

7 Expert Tips on How to Recruit Top Tech Talent

With technology jobs topping the list as most in-demand, recruiters are busier than ever searching for top candidates and making …

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Technology Consultant analyzing network system

What is a Technology Consultant?

In our latest Matlen Silver blog, we shared the characteristics of a full-service Technology Solutions Provider that differentiate them in …

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Technology solutions provider team brainstorming a project

What is a technology solutions provider?

Seems like a straightforward question, with a straightforward answer, right? The vast majority of people use technology on a personal …

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recruiter or sales executive speaking to a client at work

From Recruiter to Sales Executive: A How-to Guide for a Successful Recruiter Career Path

If a recruitment or sales job has ever intimidated you, you wouldn’t be alone. It’s almost mystifying how a recruiter …

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Woman working on computer program for Entry-level IT job

Entry-level IT Jobs – How to Start a Fulfilling Career in Tech

You may have heard – Healthcare and Technology jobs are here to stay and are growing by leaps and bounds! …

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Candidate's and Recruiter's market

Matlen’s Silver Linings: Straight talk from Recruiters – It’s a Candidate’s and Recruiter’s Market

After a 2020 that was characterized by uncertainty in the workforce, 2021 is shaping up to be a historical hiring …

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Digital footprint

Follow your Digital Footprint in the Era of Digital Hiring

On a professional level, the way we get hired changes on the daily and technology inevitably plays a role. In …

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women on customer service call with headset on call, working at computer, taking notes

Matlen Silver Linings: Customer Service is in everything we do – using our listening ears envelopes an entire organization

by Colleen Futvoye-Colburn, SVP, Regional Sales & Operations A family friend recently asked my now-retired husband how his days have …

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