IT Job Predictions Post-COVID-19

As much as we would like everything to return to “normal” – or how it was once before the global COVID-19 pandemic, we must face a reality that “normal” is going to be different than it was before. No, we don’t believe the current situation of everyone wearing masks and avoiding friends and family is going to be the new normal, but there will be some changes. With changes come changes for employment. We’ve compiled a list of the top five things we expect to change in the IT sector.

  1. SaaS and Cloud-Based Systems Will be Primary

    Many organizations will be shifting to cloud-based servers and omitting the physical on-location servers. In addition, the software will no longer be desktop applications and instead will be cloud-based SaaS; accessible from anywhere by the people with the correct credentials. Previous systems that required a network connection (or a VPN if trying to work remotely) were clunky. The cloud-based systems are much easier to navigate and require less setup by IT and less aggravation to the user.

  2. The IT Guru Stereotype May Become a Reality

    We all know the IT Guru stereotype – a person, sitting alone in a pitch-black room that’s only illuminated by the blue hue of their three desktop monitors while listening to their favorite band or podcast via earbuds while the rest of the company is enjoying treats in the breakroom. This IT person can’t figure out why they have to be in the office and why there are five gigantic networking towers in the room with them. Great news, IT gurus! The pandemic has showcased to many employers that remote working is not only feasible but in some cases, more productive and yields a higher ROI on talent. Your wish to be at home, confined to your pitch-black room will be your reality. The downside is, you are likely going to have to communicate more with others within the organization so you will need to turn the lights on for video conference calls.

  3. Jobs That Are Going to be More Critical Than Ever

    We know all IT jobs are important to an organization’s success, but here are our predictions on the most critical jobs post-pandemic:

    1. CyberSecurity

      CyberSecurity will continue to be highly important. As organizations have distributed teams around the globe, they need to make sure their trade secrets, company information, client information, etc. are secure and protected. They also need to make sure that only the right people can access the data. Cybersecurity, no matter the role, is going to see increased demand.

    2. Project Manager

      Project management is vital to the success of companies and their initiatives. With dispersed teams, project management is going to be more important than ever and it will take a strong project manager to keep remote workers in various time zones connected and on track.

    3. SharePoint/Mobile Intranet Developer

      Primarily working remotely may finally signal the death of SharePoint. Instead, companies will look to develop mobile-friendly intranets that don’t require VPN access and can be cloud-based (whether prepackaged SaaS options or built from scratch). Regardless, it will take a developer to design and customize the intranet for each organization. The intranet is going to be vital for a distributed workforce to keep up-to-date on company information, as well as to enhance the community and employee engagement of an organization.

  4. Artificial Intelligence and Robots Won’t Be Taking Over

    The use of machine learning will continue to grow in popularity (what some may incorrectly call AI); such as the use of chatbots. Retail partners will continue to utilize robots for supply chain distribution and even home delivery. But, behind this technology is someone that must program it and ensure that it works correctly. So while we may receive help from machine learning, AI, and even robots, there are going to be new jobs created to service and develop this technology.

  5. Recruiters Are Going to Have to Work Harder

    Recruiters work hard every day (at least the great ones do, like those at Matlen Silver), but all recruiters are going to have to work even harder. It used to be that remote work, flexible schedules, and location were all seen as benefits; however, it will now be a level playing field across organizations since these are all the norm so recruiters and organizations are going to have to figure out how to differentiate themselves to prospective candidates and rely heavily on great employer branding.

At Matlen Silver, we are always abreast of new IT staffing and recruiting trends. We have the best candidates to fill your jobs. No need to wait for COVID-19 to end, contact us to find out how we can help you today.

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