The Road to Recruiting More Women in Tech

Recently, the tech industry has experienced significant growth driving the demand for skilled professionals, specifically the involvement of women tech recruiters and tech roles in general. Historically, our view of the tech world has been male-dominated, from our every-day work environment, in the boardroom, and even as far as what we see in pop culture with films like Hackers, The Social Network, or The Matrix and famous personalities in the tech realm.

However, the depiction of what it means to be in tech is evolving rapidly, and with more women stepping into tech recruitment and relationship management positions within staffing firms, two clear advancements are presented: providing opportunities for women in leadership and facilitating a more diverse talent pipeline for tech companies.

Key Considerations for Hiring Companies to Attract More Women in Tech

Hiring companies have the power to foster inclusivity and create an environment for women in tech. To be able to recruit more women at a company, consider the benefits and opportunities currently offered and how they can be adjusted. With the guidance of an experienced staffing firm that prioritizes advancing women in tech, here are some examples of how to stand out as a go-to place for women to work:

Address bias in the hiring process:

While not having to explicitly state the bias women in tech face while interviewing, implement ways to combat it into your process by using masked resume reviews, standardizing interview questions and including a diverse panel to conduct interviews.

In 2021 for example, LinkedIn implemented a new feature where recruiters weren’t able to view any photos or candidates’ names. Instead, they were replaced with random letters, which allows you as an employer to eliminate any inherent bias.

By standardizing interview questions, the playing field is leveled; interviewers are able to compare apple-to-apple answers if all the questions are the same to make better informed hiring decisions.

Finally, welcoming a diverse panel of interviewers allows for different perspectives on candidates as well as demonstrates to candidates that by having diverse teams, diversity is ranked high in your organization, which is a work value shared by more and more professionals.

Comprehensive Benefits:

Providing benefits such as healthcare, parental leave, and childcare assistance demonstrates a commitment to employees’ well-being as humans and in this case as women. This can help mitigate barriers that women in tech might be facing in other job opportunities.

Continuous Training and Development Mentorship Programs:

Investing in programs that pair women in tech according to the skills and knowledge they need will not only enhance their capacity to identify and engage top talent effectively, but, according to Forbes, it’s also a way the company can show support and guidance.


Highest Roles for Women in Tech

While the strides women have made across various tech roles have been significant, certain positions have increased in demand for women in tech.

Running in number one place, is the Software Developer/ Engineer.

This role requires creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. According to LinkedIn, with the rise of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies, the demand for software developers is expected to grow.

In second place there is a desperate need for Cybersecurity Specialists who are responsible for designing and incorporating security measures to protect networks from cyberattacks. Given the increasing number of cyberattacks, the demand to protect against them is high, creating a talent gap for women to fill.

Lastly, data scientists analyze complex data sets to uncover insights and trends.

Jan Hammond professor at Harvard Business School states “The ability to bring data-driven insights into decision-making is extremely powerful, all the more so given all the companies that can’t hire enough people who have these capabilities. It’s the way the world is going.”

With the increasing emphasis on data-driven decision-making across industries, data analyst roles have become highly sought after by women due to their analytical nature and potential for driving business insights.


How women can break into tech from crossover roles

For the women who are seeking to transition into tech sometimes the simple things such as joining a group dedicated to women in tech, networking, or even supporting a project make all the difference.

One important way for women to expand tech job opportunities is to work with a recruiter for career advice and skill building. A tech recruiter will be able to identify the areas in their skill set that could be easily transferred to a tech-based role, and also recommend ways to grow skills and position experience to potential employers in order to put them one step closer to landing a job in tech.

At Matlen Silver, one of the things we do best is build a top workforce, working closely with our clients and consultants to facilitate relationships that are set up for success. This includes prioritizing the increase of women representation in the tech industry. To expand your talent pipeline, contact our team today.


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