Diversity in tech: strategies for inclusive hiring to enhance tech teams

Tech companies have a problem. Thousands of their roles remain unfilled and there’s a serious lack of diversity in tech industries and beyond. Despite countless studies coming to the same conclusion—organizations with more diverse teams achieve better results—many businesses are yet to actively source and recruit candidates from underrepresented groups.

Increased innovation, productivity, customer experiences, and profits all start with more diversity in the workplace:

  • Businesses with diverse leadership outperform their peers
  • Companies that embrace diversity enjoy holistic and long-term financial benefits
  • Organizations that have more women and ethnic diversity see the best results

At this point, not only is hiring for diversity a no-brainer—it’s essential for business success. And Matlen Silver helps companies do just that by helping them access talent from underrepresented groups. We also uncover unconscious biases that can prevent new talent from applying in the first place.

We’ve partnered with many organizations dedicated to leveling the playing field, like Blacks In Technology (BIT), Per Scholas, Veterans Bridge Home (VBH), and Fleurix. Through these partnerships, we’ve continuously improved sourcing processes by standardizing job descriptions and evaluating recruitment channels for bias.

We also offer upskilling programs, like artificial intelligence (AI) skills-based tests, that create more equal opportunities for diverse talent. Our referral program enhances our talent pool while the Excel Program nurtures aspiring professionals for successful careers.

The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in tech

A diverse, representative organization is one of the best ways to cater to your unique customer base by mirroring your customers. It also gives you a competitive advantage.

By leveraging the various perspectives, unique experiences, and diverse cultural backgrounds of your employees, you can come up with more creative solutions to your customers’ problems and build products that better represent their needs.

The case for diversity in tech only gets stronger every year—McKinsey finds that organizations with women and Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) leaders are 39% more likely to outperform other companies.

Diversity in tech trends

While many organizations—including those in the tech industry—have made strides toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace, they still have a way to go. While prioritizing DE&I in your company charter is a small start, candidates (and consumers) want action.

Here are a few trends we’ve seen in tech in the United States:

  • Men still hold the majority (73%) of jobs in tech
  • White Americans hold over 60% of positions in the tech industry. Asian Americans hold 20%, Latin Americans, 8%, and Black Americans, 7%
  • Tech execs are overwhelmingly white
  • Women still experience a pay gap
  • Salaries favor white employees
  • Women are more likely to get laid off than men

There’s still work to be done, especially across tech organizations. Here are some tips to help increase diversity within your tech company.

Tips for a more diverse tech company

Unsure about how to create a more diverse and representative workplace? Start with these tips:

  1. Implement bias-free hiring practices. Review hiring processes to identify and eliminate bias at every stage. Matlen Silver can help by standardizing job descriptions, getting rid of bias, and making sure every step is fair with structured interviews. We also have diverse hiring panels to provide a level playing field for any candidate.
  2. Expand recruitment channels. Cast a wider net and actively seek out candidates from diverse backgrounds. We help companies do just that by tapping into talent pools that may have been previously overlooked. Our partnerships with organizations like VBH, Per Scholas, and BIT provide access to qualified candidates from underrepresented groups.
  3. Foster an inclusive company culture. Create an inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued, respected, and supported. Prioritize diversity training, mentorship programs, and employee resource groups (ERGs) to foster a sense of belonging and promote career advancement opportunities for everyone.

Weaving these strategies into hiring practices builds more diverse and inclusive tech teams that drive innovation and deliver value to your organization and customers.

Diversity doesn’t stop after hiring

It’s not enough to hire underrepresented groups if the efforts start and stop with the hiring process. Your work environment and real-life culture have to promote belonging, too.

Opposing ideas and new perspectives should be expected and celebrated—not diminished or dismissed. Companies thrive when they fully embrace their coworkers’ differences. If you’re not hearing “I never thought of it that way before” at least once a day, there’s work to do.

Need help finding diverse talent for your tech team? We can help—contact us to learn more about how Matlen Silver can help you build a diverse team.

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