Looking for a job? As our country rebounds, try this advice

Maybe your current contract is about to end. Or your job situation changed when the pandemic hit. Whatever your situation, I have some great news if you’re currently looking for a job:
Many companies are hiring!
As cities and towns across the country prepare and begin to reopen, it’s a great time to start or continue looking for a job if you had put your job search on hold. Or to ramp up efforts if you’ve been looking!
Here’s some simple advice to keep in mind as you look for your next great job:

Find your groove with online networking

In-person happy hours and networking events are likely far off, even as we start moving toward a “new normal.” Our inability to gather in person doesn’t mean that networking is no longer important, though. It’s a critical component of your plan when you’re looking for a job.
Instead, it’s time to focus your energy on social networking. Not in the “post on Facebook and scroll through Instagram” sense, but in the truest sense of networking, just using social! 
When it comes to online networking, you must start with LinkedIn. The network has seen a surge in activity since “coronavirus” entered our lexicon. That means there are PLENTY of like-minded professionals active on the site who can help your career.
If you haven’t updated your profile in a while, now’s a great time to do just that. Be sure that your profile tells your story, and shares what you can bring to the table for a new employer. 
Then, start posting insights or articles that are relevant to your career and interests. Even more importantly, start scrolling through your feed each day, commenting and asking questions on other people’s posts. 
And be on the lookout for virtual networking events, which are becoming increasingly popular lately. From more formal events to LinkedIn Live broadcasts, there are many new and interesting ways people are connecting and networking. If your network isn’t sharing links or information about events that are interesting to you, write a post asking for ideas or individuals you should add to your network who will offer value. 

Decide the kind of company that interests you

The pandemic has forced just about every business to change how it operates. For many organizations, it has allowed them to shine. They’re giving back, supporting their employees, and sharing content online that demonstrates their commitment. Others may be struggling, or perhaps online sentiment isn’t as positive. 
The worst of times forces many people and organizations to showcase their culture, for better or worse. With some due diligence and online research, you can catch a glimpse into the culture of potential employers. Read their blog posts and social media profiles. Search topics on social platforms to see what people are saying about those companies. 
The insights you gather can provide extremely helpful data to help you decide where to take your career in its next step. 

Be patient and show empathy

Just as your daily schedule has changed (probably dramatically so) since the start of the pandemic, things have changed quite a bit for recruiters and hiring managers. Although it’s hard to sit and wait after sending a resume or completing an interview, many organizations are still struggling to keep things moving smoothly. The occasional ball may be dropped, or communication simply takes longer than it would under normal circumstances. 
I know it’s hard when you’re stressed and eager to land your next job, but showing a little empathy and patience toward employers right now can go a long way. I guarantee you that employers will appreciate your grace, and you’ll feel better if you’re not stressing over your job search. 

Enlist a little help

Whether you’ve worked with recruiters in the past, or you are just now becoming curious, partnering with a recruiting firm can save you a LOT of time and stress in your job search. When you partner with a recruiting firm, a dedicated recruiter will work for you, matching your skills, background, and goals with the right opportunity. 
It’s important to note though, that not all recruiting firms are created equally. Here at Matlen Silver, for example, our clients are actively seeking new tech talent, and we’re adding new clients regularly (yes, even during today’s challenging times!). Our recruiters build strong relationships with our consultants so that you’re only presented with opportunities that align with your background and specific goals. You’re a part of our family! And no one works harder to help you than family, right? 
Whether you’re looking for full-time or contract IT jobs, our clients are hiring. And they trust us to provide them with the best resources (that’s you!). Check out our current openings here to apply online, or contact us to schedule a call with one of our recruiters. We’re happy to help!

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