My IT Contract is Ending Soon. What’s Next?

Your IT contract has been moving along swimmingly for months. You’re happy; the client is happy with your efforts and your staffing agency is ecstatic about the praise you’re receiving from your assignment manager(s).
Then you look at the calendar, and there it is: your contract end date in black and white, looming closer and closer!
“Now what?” you ask yourself. “What do I do now?”

Reach out to your recruiter

If you haven’t heard from your recruiter already, your first step is to contact your recruiter and discuss your contract with the client. There are a range of possible next steps in your career and taking action on one or more of them starts with a conversation. Talk to us. We’ll do everything we can to make your career and work aspirations come to fruition.
During the ensuing conversations with your recruiter, make sure to touch upon these key areas:

Any desire to stay with a client 

While you may want to discuss the possibility with your on-site manager to gauge whether he or she thinks staying on/extending your assignment is a possibility, you need to discuss this with your recruiter as soon as possible because he or she will negotiate any contract extension – and your salary – with the client.

Any certifications, or other educational efforts you’ve undertaken while on assignment

If you’ve taken advantage of our Excel Program, you can rest assured that the work you’ve performed as a part of our on-site training/coaching/mentor program has been documented and placed in your file with us.
If not, and you’ve received a college degree, certification and/or demonstrable new IT skills during your tenure on assignment, make sure you let your recruiter know so that he or she can note the changes in your file and discuss the types of assignments that you’re interested in and that may require your new skills.

Potentially taking a break

This is the absolute beauty of working as an IT consultant: your skills are in such high demand that you don’t need to worry about difficulty finding another role after a break. Many IT pros take breaks between assignments to travel. Why not you, too?!
If this is the case, let your recruiter know. If possible, give a date when you expect you’ll be available for another assignment. This way, your recruiter can get things rolling in advance of your available date so that there’s no delay once you’re ready.

When you succeed, we succeed

That statement isn’t just some platitude: here at Matlen Silver, we want you to be happy, as well as professionally challenged and engaged. Whether you decide you don’t want to accept an extension of a contract – or you do. Whether you decide you’d like to explore direct-hire or contract-to-hire opportunities instead – or if you’re only looking for an IT contract position – we’re happy to help you find the right opportunities.
If you’re happy with your assignment, then our client undoubtedly also is happy and that definitely makes us happy!
Take a look at some of our current IT consulting opportunities and if one or more piques your interest, contact our recruiters. 

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