The Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm

Do you know how many times a day we hear, “We don’t need a staffing company, we have internal recruiters?” We hear it a lot. While we value what prospective customers say, they may not realize why they need a partnership with a staffing company and how beneficial the (RIGHT) partnership may be.

Save Time and Money

There are two things that are music to executives’ ears: save time and save money. By partnering with a staffing firm you can save time and money. Your internal recruiting team usually has to start from scratch for each new req – from the initial intake call with the hiring manager to writing the job description and then getting it approved by the hiring manager and then posting the job on popular job boards to then screening the applicants and conducting phone interview for top contenders and then scheduling interviews with the best 2-3 candidates and coordinating internal schedules with the candidates’ schedules, then following up with each candidate with feedback and scheduling subsequent interviews… the process goes on until finally a decision is made and an offer is sent. Once the offer is sent, negotiations have to occur and then background screening happens and finally, it’s the start date for your new employee. 
By utilizing a staffing firm, you do not have to worry about many of these activities, freeing your internal team up for other things, like conducting stay interviews, and filling the internal talent pipeline, the staffing firm, especially Matlen Silver, takes care of all of these things for you – plus more! 

Staffing Firms Have a Pipeline of Candidates

Staffing firms, especially niche staffing firms, have a pipeline of candidates waiting for their next opportunity. They have access to the best talent, which is often passive, which reduces time-to-fill, reduces the cost-to-hire, and again saves money and time. While staffing firms may post the job on job boards, the recruiter working on your requisition will have candidates that immediately come to mind to present to you, thus shaving days or even weeks off of the talent acquisition process.

Partnering with an agency actually helps reduce recruiting costs!

We’ve heard common misconceptions about the expense of recruiting firms – many organizations feel that recruiting firms can be costly. Recruiting firms, such as Matlen Silver, are affordable for your budget. Ways that recruiting firms help you reduce recruiting costs include the recruiting firm being named the employer of record, which means your organization is not liable for unemployment claims, health insurance or benefits, or even onboarding costs; all of these costs are attributed to the staffing firm. With the savings in insurance benefits and onboarding alone, you’ve covered your fee for each req, in many cases.

Scale up or scale down your workforce quickly

All organizations grow. Unfortunately, sometimes, organizations also need to make changes and rearrange their organizational structure. By having a partnership with a staffing firm, they can help you grow quickly when you need to (especially if you have a seasonal business), or they can help you scale down very quickly if you have contract employees in lieu of full-time employees.


Great recruiting firms, like Matlen Silver, value partnerships and relationships with everyone, consultants, clients, prospective candidates, hiring managers, and more. Your dedicated, highly-experienced dedicated team that consists of an account manager and expert recruiter will learn your business inside and out to help you acquire top talent. They will identify gaps in your recruiting process or ways that things can be done more efficiently to improve the candidate experience, and really get to know each hiring manager and their likes, dislikes and distinct personalities. Our recruiters also form partnerships with all of our consultants so that you get the right person for the job the first time.
We would love to talk with you to see how we can help you and your business save time and money, as well as attract top talent. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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