Which tech jobs are in demand right now?

While we are no doubt living in unprecedented times, and many industries have been especially hard hit by the economic fallout of this pandemic, we are very grateful to report that tech jobs and tech in general has so far been very strong. 
That means that, although the economy is largely struggling, tech jobs are still in demand right now. 
We’re very close with our network of IT talent, and we’ve been working hard to keep everyone in the loop as things change and new opportunities become available. I’m so proud of our team for their commitment to helping everyone across our network get through this challenging (to say the least!) time. 

Tech jobs are in demand right now!

Over the past few months we have seen a range of roles being particularly high in demand, and the tide has turned a bit more recently as well. This post is a bit unique, in that it should be helpful for both employers — who can benefit by knowing the roles that are particularly competitive for talent — and for IT professionals — to know which roles are looking for talented tech pros and the skills they’ll need for those jobs. 
Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the tech jobs in demand right now: 

Quality Assurance (QA)

As many businesses continue to invest in tech solutions that keep employees and customers engaged and armed with the information and resources they need, our recruiters have seen an increase in the number of testers and other QA professionals needed. 
In particular, our clients are most often looking for SQA professionals with the following skills:

  • Strong programming experience. This probably isn’t very surprising! In particular, experience with Java, SQL, VBScript, HTML and Gherkin is especially in demand.   
  • Quality Center/AML experience.
  • Testing automation experience.
  • A relevant degree (bachelor’s is typically preferred, although sometimes an associate’s degree is acceptable).

Developers (software, mobile and web)

With an increasingly remote world that demands more flexibility than ever, developers will always be in demand.  Right now, organizations across the country are looking for experienced, skilled developers, especially in these specialized fields:

  • UI development. Users are demanding a more polished, seamless experience than ever from websites, apps and software. Employers are seeking experienced UI developers to help them provide that positive experience for their customers. HTML, CSS and Javascript are particularly useful skills for UI developers, plus Adobe Creative Suite experience and knowledge of programming languages like Java, .NET, PHP, XHTML and Ruby.
  • Java development. Experienced Java developers are high on the list of in-demand tech jobs among our clients. Your experience will be applied toward building apps and websites that make life easier for clients and customers. Standard, enterprise and mobile experience  are all in demand. Besides knowing code, Java developers should be  skilled in every stage of the life cycle.  A degree is usually preferred, with advanced degrees bringing special consideration.
  • .NET development. Along with Java development, .NET developers have been in high demand for quite some time. Many employers struggle to find .NET developers, often because .NET is a framework rather than a programming language. You develop FOR it rather than WITH it. Landing the right .NET developer requires more specifics and details into the background and skills needed in the role.  Experience with C# and VB tends to be highly prized by employers right now,  and the ability to write clean code is highly prized by employers. Although there is typically not a degree or specialization in school for .NET, some sort of computer science or engineering degree is often desired. 

Open tech jobs need your skills!

Whether you’ve got a background in UI, Java or .NET, or your background is in another tech specialty, there are companies across the country that are looking for someone like you! We work with some of the most respected employers in the company, and we’d love to have you join our family. To learn more about our current tech jobs, visit our job board or contact a recruiter today.

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