The “IT” Job of the Year: IT Consultant

Choosing a role as an IT consultant can be a rewarding career path in today’s tech industry, especially with the growth of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. IT consultants provide companies with expertise in how to utilize technology effectively to reach their goals. These professionals help an organization transform how they use tech for the better, with the added bonuses of reducing costs, improving procedures and driving change.

Becoming an IT consultant and reaping its pros is more prevalent than ever right now. In a labor market that is moving cautiously ahead, IT leaders are augmenting their staff with tech consultants on a contingent basis to work on projects right now, while they assess what their staffing needs might look like in the future.  Plus, transitioning to the tech field may be an easier journey than expected. As hiring organizations start prioritizing skills over formal education, some IT consultants might not necessarily need a degree to be qualified for the job. Of course, bachelor’s degree in computer science and advanced tech majors are highly considered.

However, according to Indeed, a vital aspect of landing a tech job is by gaining work experience, networking, and, most importantly, obtaining good communication skills. Possessing this important soft skill is a key component for a career in technology, given that one of the main responsibilities is to be able to convey technical information and complex concepts to stakeholders and industry colleagues in a manner that can be digested and correlated directly to business ROI.

The Benefits of the IT Consultant Life

Olympia Newman, an IT consultant for PWC, says that she works with clients to help create better experiences for their customers. She also discusses how this job lends itself to gaining experience in a variety of fields ranging from health and tech start-ups to global car companies—moreover, that’s only two of the many perks of taking the consultant route.

This career, which was once a subset of the technology industry, has now become ubiquitous. Industries across the board embrace tech and have a high demand for tech expertise from IT consultants in their respective fields. This increased demand supports a change of scenery and also leads to flexibility and the potential for increased income opportunities.


The nature of this job is focused on project-based assignments or work that entails a deadline, allowing the IT consultant to structure their days according to deadlines and outcomes. This in turn offers the option of downtime between starting a new project and any personal commitments. Additionally, many IT consulting roles present the opportunity to work remotely, creating a flexibility not often available in other roles.

IT consultants also serve a diverse set of industries that exposes them to various challenges and learning opportunities. Purdue states that some technical consultants may work in an instructional capacity with clients, but others might work closely with product engineers, manufacturing operations, technical support persons, etc. In this profession, IT consultants might not be tied down to one aspect of any job.

Increased Rates

The demand for specialized skills in 2023’s world of technology is high, specifically for those with expertise in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

According to the Future of Jobs report, more than 75% of companies are looking to adopt AI tech in the next five years. This is leading to an increased level of competition among companies trying to acquire top IT talent at their firms. With the continued shortage of experienced IT consultants with these skills, firms continue to increase pay rates to recruit and hire these professionals.

A Future as an IT Consultant

As a tech staffing and solutions expert, Matlen Silver has experienced the explosion of technology in business, with dramatic economic shifts at every turn, and workforce changes that have been unprecedented. Four decades later, we never stop the search for talent, allowing us to staff the right IT person in the right role that will drive success for both consultants and clients. Speak with one of our recruiting experts today about an IT consultant opportunity now, with an eye on continued stability for the future.





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