How AI tools can increase professional productivity in our workforce

The tech community’s latest innovation has left many individuals with increased trepidation. Amidst the sinister headlines, however, we can opt to take a look with  a positive lens on how AI tools can increase professional productivity in our workforce. Yes, employees and consultants are faced with growing concerns that artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, Bard and others could be their replacement; this notion is rather unnerving, but one that also must be faced head on to mitigate negative effects and instead remain steadfast in having these tools work in favor of workers, rather than against.

Recent polls show that depending on how we frame the use of generative AI “as a tool, not a competitor” public perception can become more positive. Whether it’s defaulting to ChatGPT instead of endlessly scrolling through Google links or using it to write emails, AI is a tool you may want to add to your skill set.

Here are a couple of ways AI tools can increase professional productivity:

Data Analyzation

Most tech jobs involve some kind of data analysis, a process that eats up significant time. Professionals can speed up this task through AI technologies that are capable of interpreting a vast amount of language-based data and information. This could be an added value to tech professionals who will be able to advance large projects faster, freeing them up to focus on critical-thinking and strategizing.  Oxford economist Carl Benedikt Frey noted, “If you’re an academic, it’s quite nice that you don’t have to do statistical analysis by hand… You can produce a lot of more stuff.” This same concept can easily apply to tech administrators, project managers and more.


Instead of wasting precious time on figuring out your work schedule, hand your worries over to AI which can reprioritize your tasks, create a daily routine, schedule meetings, formulate work emails—the list goes on. According to a 2022 study by Economists at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), AI can help manage these tasks effectively, even to the point where it can warn you that your to-do list might not be feasible given the time you’re working with.

Employers Reap Benefits of AI

Employees aren’t the only ones that can benefit from artificial intelligence systems. Employers across the nation are already reacting to the effectiveness of this technology and implementing it in their companies, to increase business efficiencies, but also as a tool to support their workforces as well.

Take PwC for example. They recently announced a $1 billion investment to scale up AI capabilities in order to upskill its workforce. Furthermore, the company plans to see what’s the most important AI information to provide to employees based on their jobs. According to Human Resource Executive, a specific area that PwC will hone in on will be how to use generative AI transparently.

PwC isn’t the only enterprise organization to embrace these new technologies, as the use of automated AI systems has swept through businesses when it comes to hiring, performance monitoring, and compensation. According to Pew Research, employers have access to AI tools that can track employee behavior (even for those remotely working) and yield evaluations. If that sounds scary and like a potential violation to worker and civil rights, take note that governing bodies are working to ensure that’s not the case. In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently released a technical assistance document that aims to help tech workers and employers to use AI technology responsibly by promoting equality in the workroom.

Focus on the bright side of AI tools at work

The old saying “the only constant is change” couldn’t ring truer in the world of technology and innovation. It wasn’t too long ago that a new technology signified by a 3-letter acronym changed the way we work and live; the world wide web permeates every corner of the world and we’ve learned to adapt and grow with it. If we continue to work towards ethical uses and implementations of AI tools, led solely by a human-centered approach, we can also focus on what we can learn and how we can grow in our professions. Job seekers and hiring companies in search of talent can work together to ensure progress, and succeed in this flourishing industry. To this point, at Matlen Silver, we are focused on providing end-to-end solutions that allow organizations to grow and innovate with the help of talented tech professionals leading the charge.


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