Want to stop stressing about recruiting? Here’s why you should partner with a staffing firm.

Recruiter burnout is a major issue across the country. Unemployment is still super low, passive candidates are getting harder to reach and they’re demanding more attention and engagement from recruiters than ever before.

Finding and attracting top talent today isn’t as much of a mystery as it sounds. Many organizations are actually thriving, even in this ultra-competitive environment. Speak with some of those fabled companies, and you will probably find a common thread — 

They partner with a staffing firm. ?

Not just a staffing firm, but the right one. Because choosing the right partner really does make an incredible difference.

Here’s how choosing to partner with a staffing firm (the right staffing firm can help your recruiters (and your business):

Saving you a ton of time (which really does = money)

Here’s the thing: recruiting takes a lot of time. From crafting the job posting, to actually posting it, sorting through resumes (more about that in a bit), scheduling interviews (including going back and forth to try and coordinate times with candidates, plus times with your staff who needs to be there), actually meeting for interviews, meeting with decision-makers, extending the offer (fingers crossed they accept).

Are you tired? Because I’m tired just thinking about it! 

There are so many moving pieces involved with making just one hire. And each one takes time. Multiply that by 10, 25, or 100. 

That’s a lot of time. And an awful lot of money.

That’s not even factoring in lost productivity by pulling people away from more mission-critical tasks to handle the nuts and bolts of recruiting. 

And don’t even get me started on what happens if you make a bad hire and have to start all over again. 

As a staffing firm that has been doing this for a LONG time, we’ve helped many clients over the years who didn’t realize just how much time (and as a result, money) they were literally bleeding on recruiting. Once they partnered with us, they saved time. Money. And probably a lot of stress. 

Stopping the endless. Stacks. Of resumes.

We hear this one A LOT. Your mind goes number sifting through stacks of resumes. They all look the same after a while. 

We completely understand. And the good news is — we LIKE getting to know candidates, dig into their skills and background, and go behind the resume to really get to the heart of our talent. 

Because we have such strong relationships with our consultants AND our clients, we only present to you the 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4, or however many you’d like to see!) candidates that we know will be a fantastic fit for your company and your role.

On one hand: Hundreds or even thousands of resumes (many of which aren’t a fit)!

On the hand that chooses to partner with a staffing firm: A few highly qualified resumes.

Take a deep breath, and release. Feels better, doesn’t it? We’ve got this. 

Leveraging strong relationships.

There’s a lot of waiting and hoping (not necessarily in that order) involved with recruiting sometimes. Companies post their jobs and wait for resumes to roll in. Then they hope that the talent will be A) qualified, B) a culture fit, and C) impressed by their company and opportunity. 

Talent today is just inundated with recruiter messages. Many professionals have tuned them out. A large number aren’t even actively looking for work. Which means your waiting and hoping for the right person could drag on for a while. Or maybe you have to settle. 

When you reach out to talent hoping they’ll apply, the professionals probably don’t know you or your company. Maybe they do a little internet search, or maybe they just continue to hit “ignore.”

It’s frustrating, to say the least. Clients share stories like this very often. 

We live, breathe and act engagement and service to build strong relationships with our network of talent. We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art engagement platform. Coupled with our team members who actually care about our consultants, we’re able to stay routinely in touch with talent. We give them updates, check in, ask questions and give them the information they need. When they hear from Matlen Silver, they don’t cringe or hit the spam button. They read and respond. Because they know and trust that we actually care. This isn’t lip service. It’s who we are. 

That means they’re much more likely to accept your job offers and are extremely excited to work for you. 

Plus, all those other things I just mentioned!

How can we make you the hero of your office? 

We make getting started extremely simple for your business. Schedule a call with our team to kick things off. We’re here to make life easier for you!


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