What’s Next After the Global Pandemic?

As people begin getting vaccinated for COVID-19 and herd immunity begins to build, life will start to return to the way it was before the pandemic. We know a lot has changed in terms of work because of the pandemic – remote work is more prevalent than ever; the unemployment rate increased drastically compared to the year before the pandemic, and new jobs have emerged. What is next as things start to return to “normal”?

Remote Work

It is estimated that 40% of all jobs can be completed remotely. In such a case, remote work will become more mainstream and not just a temporary solution or a luxury for a select few. The impacts of remote work are vast, including cost-savings for employers. However, not everyone is capable of managing their time and attention for remote work. It is important to find consultants and employees who can manage their time and know-how to stay focused and avoid distractions at home like chatty neighbors, mountains of laundry, and daytime TV. 

Hybrid Working Models

Hybrid working models are going to become more prevalent. While only about 40% of jobs can be completed remotely full-time, there are still jobs that can be done remotely most of the time with the occasional on-site need. Companies are going to have a lot of logistical things to figure out – how many people are at an on-site location at one time; what does the schedule need to look like to make the hybrid model work; and what technology and infrastructure must be in place to make it work? 

Utilization of Consultants

As previously mentioned, the unemployment rate has remained high. This time last year, we were in a candidate-driven market and employers were focusing on things such as the candidate experience and benefits to lure prospective employees away from their top competitors. Today, the economy remains uncertain and many employers do not want to invest heavily in full-time employees until they really understand the continued effects of COVID-19 and potential legislative changes that could come with a new president. Instead, they will want to have the flexibility by utilizing consultants. This trend will likely continue for quite some time, especially since many companies experience busier times than others. Instead of hiring full-time employees and having all of the overhead costs associated, they can instead utilize consultants through a staffing firm, like Matlen Silver. 

The Candidate Experience

As previously mentioned, a lot of time was spent on developing great candidate experiences to attract top talent. Since it is no longer a candidate-driven market, this has fallen to the wayside for many, but they are making a huge mistake. As the economy begins to recover, candidates are going to have more options when looking for work and they are going to want to associate themselves with an employer (full-time or a staffing agency) that provides them with a great candidate experience. One that offers a personal touch and is built on relationships, like the candidate experience that Matlen Silver provides. 
Benefits are once again going to be a focal point. Even staffing firms are going to have to be innovative to attract top talent for engagements. The standard health insurance and even PTO isn’t going to be enough. They are going to have to innovate. Maybe they start to offer things like tuition reimbursement or training and development opportunities. Or, maybe they provide unconventional benefits like caregiver and childcare benefits. While it remains to be seen, one thing is for certain, employers (including staffing firms) are going to have to make the candidate experience a priority and make sure that it is relationship-based and has a very human element.
At Matlen Silver, we are constantly innovating to not only stay competitive within the marketplace but also to be a trendsetter. We have the top talent your organization needs because we value our relationships with our consultants. Contact us today so we can optimize a post-COVID plan to scale your company’s growth. 

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